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Prince2 foundation and practitioner course are designed to help students in learning different techniques, processes, principles, and themes to manage ongoing projects no matter what the environment is.

The Prince2 Foundation course is considered in 150 countries across the world as a perfect technique for managing projects in different environments.

The reason behind learning the Prince2 foundation course by different organizations is that you can apply the prince2 principles to any project regardless of the scale, type, geography, organization, and themes.
A prince2 foundation course includes a number of vast principles and themes, process lifecycle and proper guidelines to match with any project.

Advantages Of Learning Prince2 Foundation Course:

There is a vast list of the different advantages of learning Prince2 Foundation Course.

prince 2 foundation course in Dubai

  • You can apply Prince2 principles to any project to manage it.
  • The Prince2 course can also enhance your common vocabulary.
  • It can be easily integrated be different industry-specific models.
  • It can also focus on the quality goals of the project.
  • It can also help in continuing focus viability of the project.
  • The proince2 foundation course can also help everyone in understanding the responsibilities and their roles towards the projects.

The course is very suitable for the project management professionals that are working on different projects. Team leads managers, project executives, software developers and people who are willing to become a professional project manager can also apply and learn the course.

It is important to pass Prince2 foundation or Project management professional course to take admissions in Prince2 Practitioner course. You can easily learn prince 2 foundation course in Dubai is one of the best institutes of different IT courses including Prince2 and Prince2 Foundation courses.

Many different students from different countries participate in different courses offered by the Seo Dubai Services every year to learn new techniques for their projects.


You can find each detail regarding course syllabus and classes timings on the website of the Seo Dubai Services. The mock exam after completing syllabus will be taken to judge about the student’s capabilities.

You need to secure 35/70 or 50% marks for Prince Foundation course. On the other hand, you must secure 44/80 or 55% of the Prince2 Practitioner course to hold a certificate.

The most important part of the exams is that you can take help from the book in practitioner course. Prince2 Foundation course does not allow you to open the books during the exams.

The students must finish the practitioner exam in 150 minutes whereas, you have only 60 minutes to finish your Prince2 Foundation exam.

You can book your course online by sending the code of the syllabus. The company also allow you to give exams online or paper based as per your desire.

The Seo Dubai Services has trained above 10,000 of the participants from different countries up till now. The students also include project managers, team lead managers and many others from the related fields.