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There are a lot of companies that are most leading cctv camera suppliers in Dubai – Krishcom is one of them. Krishcom is playing its role in keeping an eye and provide better security systems for your offices or residential spaces. The Krishcom is not only providing the installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras but is also helping their customers by testing and inspecting your installed CCTV’s to make it work better.

The company’s special features of installing the best CCTV’s are as follows:

  • The krishcom is providing best quality CCTV camera for your property.
  • The experienced technicians can help you in making a plan to install a CCTV camera at best place to keep you alert in case of danger. The technicians can also check and maintain your CCTV cameras annually.
  • The company’s skilled software engineers can plan the software according to your requirements.
  • The company’s active technicians and engineers are always ready to help you on call or online.

The Range Of CCTV Installed By Krishcom:

The krishcom can install their CCTV cameras in your properties as per your need. The company is providing their CCTV installation for :

CCTV camera Dubai

  • Residential & Commercial:

You can easily monitor any danger or criminals near you by installing CCTV cameras in your residential or commercial property.

  • Buildings hotels and Mall Warehouses:

CCTV camera can play an important part in keeping a strict eye on the movements and dangers in the malls, warehouses, and hotels. The CCTV cameras by Krishcom make it easy for you to be present at each corner of your hotels or malls by installing CCTV camera.

  • School colleges:

School or colleges can be the most targeted places by the criminals. Krishcom is helping the staff of the school or colleges to be safe from any kind of criminal activities. The CCTV cameras by Krishcom can also help in monitoring the children’s and teacher’s activities.

There are different types of CCTV cameras which include:

Box camera, bullet varifocal, dome varifocal, IR mini dome , mini bullet, Vandal proof mini dome, ANPR Camera, Fish Eye, PTZ Bullet and many other.

Advantages of having CCTV Cameras:

The advantages are many. Some of the main advantages are:

  • Remote viewing:

CCTV and security system for homeYou can view the activities around you anywhere.

  • HD recording:

The HD recording option can deliver high-quality video and sound of your surroundings.

  • Night Vision:

The Night vision of Krishcom helps you to watch recordings and images clearly even in the night.

  • Live Access:

The CCTV cameras by Krishcom can be accessed with your smartphones anywhere.

  • 1 year of warranty:

The Krishcom is providing one year of warranty on their CCTV cameras.