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Restaurant pos software Dubai

Point of sale is the most efficient and advanced restaurant software that compiles all the activities of the restaurant in one machine. With the help of wireless devices like tablet and iPad, you can save all the activities such as order placing, processing and order printing in a kitchen and generating the bill by the single entry on the iPad or tablet. With the help of restaurant POS software Dubai- Cubes Intl, you can help your business to grow faster.

Restaurant Management System

With the help of restaurant Pos management of the restaurant is very easy and quick. The restaurant stag works in a professional and methodical manner and helps manager to have control over all the activities of a restaurant. In order to be competitive enough, one has to understand the restaurant fully which is only possible with Pos. Pos gives you full control of the business.

The best thing about a restaurant to be competitive is to provide the amazing experience for your customers. This competitiveness is only possible by training your staff so that they learn to place orders quickly and accurately. In this way, managers can also keep track of activities such as inventory and sales. Point of the sale benefits everyone working in a restaurant so that customers are served at best. That's the reason pos is part of every restaurant.

Advantages of using Point of sale in a restaurant

  • Easy to use and can be customized
  • Easy to afford and reliable in use
  • Just by the click of time, you can make changes in the menu
  • Make comments on kitchen
  • Recording cash and credit card receipt
  • Deliveries to customer address
  • Customer discounts and good price

Cubes Intl

Functionality of POS

  • Compatible with windows, android, and IOS
  • Synchronization with various devices
  • Different modes of order type
  • Order can be modified
  • Receipts prints can be taken
  • Easy and quick order lookup
  • Comfortable method of payment screen
  • Bill refund
  • Facility of fast food
  • Multiple staff
  • Financial analysis
  • Management of receipt

Point of sale software is fast, touch screen and intuitive and can be used for coffee shops, cafeterias, and restaurants. The interface is very easy to use. It is also affordable software that helps you control and organize your business.

The point of sale software supports a value-added tax that helps you generate tax calculations and VAT receipts. This is the new regulation in UAE and your restaurant should take into account.
Your point of sale software supports every function of restaurants such as customer discounts, sale, staff salaries and much more.

Hence the restaurant point of sale gives you detail reports and helps you in taking the right action to support and grow the business.

Source: www.cubes-intl.com