Who will own a developed website?
A developed website and a domain belongs to the customer.

Why do your competitors make better price offers?
We offer a unique product. Take a closer look at the cheaper offers: module design, low – cost design, standard design, catalogue design, ready – made design. These are examples of the simplest graphic solutions, which are widely used in numerous websites. In this case, website design offers are not supposed to be the original products, a customer can apply a few minor corrections to the project. As a rule, similar websites can be created by an average computer user. However, this sort of websites cannot be considered as an efficient marketing tool. 

Will a website design be original?
Yes, all developed websites are unique projects, created accordingly to a corporate style of a company.

Can I apply for another website development company in case your service is not satisfatory?
Yes, any company will be able to take over a website in order to update information. We are always ready to provide all needed access information to a customer. 

Is it possible to partner with you without an agreement?
No, we need to draw up an agreement in order to identify the rights and obligations of both sides.  

Do you work with other than Dubai companies?
Yes, we use phone, e-mail and Skype facilities for communication with customers from different cities.

How long does it take to optimize a website?
It is recommended to constantly optimize a website. Websites give up their positions in the search engines quickly without the proper support.