SEO Service

We conduct SEO in Google, Rambler, Mail and other search engines. We guarantee that the first month will give a boost to your business. On average, the amount of calls and orders increases up to 20 percent during the first month. Our main objective at this point is to create a steady stream of targeted visitors of your website. Please contact your personal account manager to calculate the exact cost of your website development and SEO. Today we offer two SEO service packages: ‘Standard” and “Individual”.

SEO services

A Standard Package

If you would like to promote more than one business offer in a rich competition field, this package is advisable for you. The Standard Package includes:

  • development of the semantic data
  • improvement of a website position in a chosen search engine
  • consultation from our marketing experts 

An Individual Package

In some cases, it is impossible to calculate the SEO service cost in advance, for example, if your business occupies different fields of activities. In this case it is recommended to develop and perform an individual SEO plan. Of course, the Standard Package is efficient too, but it cannot be identified as an original, distinctive marketing plan. An Individual Package is created for the feedback maximization.

SEO is a complimentary service for our customers, who have ordered the website development. If you already have a website, it is necessary to apply an audit service to it before SEO. Our IT experts will be glad to make corrections in your website in order to provide an efficient SEO service.